1. Backstreet Brunswick


  2. Thanks to Nickos for this one :)


  3. Sad little telly out in the rain



  5. night crawling


  6. Brunswick hard rubbish - April 2013


  7. Bin as art. TV is dead.



  9. Brunswick, Melbourne


  10. Winehouse, Carlton


  11. Demonised and rounded-up, TVs are a second class citizen in this age of compassion and enlightenment. Long dealt with in an abstract of awe and wonder the lens is now clean; people realise how mind numbingly boring it is to watch the box. These old units live with an uncertain future, quite randomly behind bars in Brunswick, dishevelled and unloved, far from home.


  12. North Carlton, Melbourne


  13. Backyard, North Melbourne


  14. Cairns, 2012


  15. Cairns, 2012